Kilala RenoEdit

Kilala Reno (れのきらら Reno Kirara)
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Character information:


Sapphire Eyes, Golden Hair, Light Blue School Uniform, Mickey Mouse badge on skirt


Student, and later Princess of Paradiso.


Rei, the Disney Princesses and the kingdom of Paradiso.


Become the seventh Princess and save Paradiso from Valdou by finding the seven matical gems


Rei, Tippe, Erika, Sylphy, Snow White, Ariel, Cinderella, Belle, Jasmine, and Princess Aurora


Valdou, Jafar, The Queen, Lady Tremaine, Drizella Tremaine, Anastasia Tremaine, Maleficent, Ursula, Gaston, Iago and Valdou's Minion Robots.

Powers and Abilities:

Control of the Magic Tiara and the seven gems.


Magic Tiara


Unnamed parents, Rei (husband)

The heroine of the story, Kilala is a cheerful and energetic teenage girl who is a big fan of Disney characters, especially the Disney Princesses. Kilala hopes to become like them someday, but her clumsy and spunky attitude puts her very behind. She is in a different place from her parents, and wishes to meet them again someday. Her best friend is Erica and her pet is Tippe. She newly holds the power of the princesses after awakening Rei. She is enthusiastic about the world she is traveling in, but cares much more about her best friend's well-being. Kilala has things in common with otaku, a Japanese term for anyone who is obsessed with entertainment, or in Kilala's case, Disney works. Although this obsession seems useless in the real world, it comes to her aid in travelling in the Disney world.


Kilala is depicted as outgoing, cheery, courageous and selfless. She has loved the stories of Disney and the Disney princesses ever since she was a child. She dislikes doing what she's been told and would always do what she believes is right. However, she has a hard time fighting for true love, because of her inexperience and the constant obstacles that make her will waver.

Magic TiaraEdit

While not specifically possessing any powers of her own, Kilala's magic weapon is the tiara that has the power to alter reality, allowing her to enter the worlds of the Disney princesses. By finding the magical gems for the tiara, its power increases greatly.


Halfway through the series, Kilala experiences a hair style change thanks to her mother. Her hair is thinner and longer, contrasting to her thick hair before. Kilala's three curls are looser, and the braids at the back are replaced with red beads.