Tiana is the ninth Disney Princess. She is also the first African American Disney Princess.


Tiana is independent and strong-minded. She knows what she wants and does everything to earn it. Of course, she always remembers that what you want is not as important as what you need.


When Tiana is first shown, she is clad in a plain blue shift dress. At the restaurant, Tiana wears a yellow dress and white apron under a belted coat and with flat shoes and a cloche hat. While serving food, she is wearing an ornate masquerade costume. Charlotte later loans Tiana a strapless blue evening gown. It is worn with white opera-length gloves, a silver necklace, and a sterling silver tiara. In the illusion from Dr. Facilier, Tiana is wearing a white cocktail dress and a feathered white headband. When turned back into a human, Tiana wears an elaborate green wedding gown. Tiana also wears green high heels, light green opera-length gloves, and green flowers in her hair. At the royal wedding, Tiana wears a traditional white fairytale wedding dress. She is seen wearing a simple orange dress when she and Naveen get the key to the sugar mill. Finally, she is seen in a light green evening gown at her grand opening.